Unleashing Creativity For All Human Beings

BONA will continue to research the field of artificial intelligence technology to liberate people from trivial housework of long input but low output. Hence, people can save more time and do more creative activities, and efficiently promoting the pluralistic development of social civilization, that is ‘Unleashing creativity for all staff’.


Leader Of Future Intelligent Life Style

BONA takes Robot Vacuum Cleaner as the entrance and fulcrum of the industry, firmly follows the strategic product roadmap of ‘from domestic to commercial, indoor to outdoor, low speed to high speed, high frequency use to low frequency use, and constantly creates a new way of intelligent life, and be the leader of intelligent life style.

Core Values

Core values are the beliefs that all staffs from BONA believe in and the value standards that they always adhere to.

Altruism and win-win

Advocate altruism, strive for all-round win-win

Ultimate pursuits

All masterpieces come from the ultimate pursuit of details

With open and breadth of mind

The spirit of great breadth of mind, is the demeanor for a winner

Company Philosophy

  • Customer philosophy

    Exceed customer expectations

  • Product philosophy

    Adhere to the demand-oriented product design,

    develop valuable product for customers

  • Elite philosophy

    Pursuing valuable career with a group of ambitious people,

    Believe that a paid return

Enterprise Spirit

Struggle, Strong, Cooperation, Mercy.

Corporate Slogan

We can, so we believe.