• 22

    AI Robot Vacuum Cleaner BV351AA won the CES Innovation Award

  • 21

    Mini window cleaner CC909 won the K-DESIGN AWARD in Korea

  • 20

    Bona robot vacuum cleaner CV520C won the Red Dot Award

    Robot vacuum cleaner CV900L won the Contemporary Good Design Award

  • 18

    Window robot cleaner W902 was selected as “The Model of the Design in Modern Chinese Design Exhibition

    Bona robot vacuum cleaner were selected and displayed in the largest Red Dot Museum of the world

    Bona robot vacuum cleaner 580s obtained Gold Award for Contemporary Good Gesign (referred to as CGD)

  • 17

    Bona obtained Chinese Intellectual Property Management System Certification

  • 16

    Bona obtained the National High-Tech Enterprise Qualification.
    Bona obtained ISO9001 International Quality System Certification Bona obtained Chinese Intellectual Property