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Smart Technical Robots, Easy Operating

Robotic navigating technology develop by BONA itself, combined with cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence, VSLAM & environmental detecting and environmental perception, etc.

It enables the robots with capability to scan the house and building maps, providing end users with more intelligent solution for house cleaning.

  • Vision correction technology

  • Path planning technology

  • Water tank and related technology

  • Safety protection device

Water Tank Technology

This technology can realize wet mop function by installing water tank on the robot vacuum cleaner, which is used to improve product performance and user experience and enhance product market competitiveness.

Visual Technology

Base on the data of Visual Mapping sensors, it can provide the accurate positioning of robot, and can create the precise mapping within its system.

Lidar Lifting Structure

The lidar pop-up when the sweeper is running and pinch in when it stops working. The lidar scan and map the environment accurate, sweeping smoothly at the bottom of the furniture but without hurt host itself, that improves the cleaning efficiency of the blind angle greatly.

Safety Lock Technology

This technology can ensure the security of using under some kind of emergency situation such as power failure.

Gyro Mapping Technology

With the gyro mapping technology, the robot performance for zig-zag cleaning and corner cleaning can be optimized. The cleaning efficiency is highly improved as our machine can record the cleaned area and avoid repetitive cleaning.

Interchangeable Rolling Brush and Vacuum Nozzle

The cleaning robot can automatically identify the rolling brush or vacuum nozzle attachment and apply the corresponding cleaning mode, which improve the competitiveness of products and provides better user experience.

Cleaning Zone Selection - Laser Mapping

With the laser mapping technology, you can set up target cleaning zone and forbidden area for the robot to maximum the cleaning efficiency and achieve intelligent control.